Musou Kakyou – A Summer’s Day Dream – Episode 3


Producer : MAIKAZE
Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery
Released : 13 August 2016

  • Well, English translation is from Caleste Melancholia, I had copied into text for refer \(._.\) =3 =3 =3

This is a derivative work and fan-anime of Team Shanghai Alice’s “Touhou Project”
Please do not upload, screen or release this (Musou Kakyou Episodes) without any permission
Please cooperate with us.

Yukari: Human memories…are terribly ambiguous…
Ah, there are also non-human existence…
Yes, you only need to confirm the fact of drinking sake together in the middle of the night is true by asking your drinking buddies
The sake drank is Japanese sake, the drinkware used is an old square…And I’m the one who pourer the sake…
But, does that sake taste good or not? Is using a square box to drink a refined elegancy or plain simplicity?
If one wants to understand the meaning is true sense…They must experienced it themselves…
But if you understand it unconciously, there’s much more you can experience…

Aya:  Uhm…Camera…Camera…Camera…
Ah! There it is!
I’ve lost that in here as expected
A worshiper at such time!?
A donation stealing thief?
Might be a great shoot to capture!

Marisa’s House 

Alice: Marisa?

Marisa: I’m coming in
Somehow, my ability to predict the future has awaken…

Alice: Ah? What are you talking about?

Marisa: I feel like Alice will come to my house soon!

Alice: Can you please act normally when a guest arrives?

Marisa: Seriously daze! After that Alice will clean the room, do the laundry and rub my back!

Alice: No, I won’t, didn’t I came here because you said you need some help for the banquet tonight?

Marisa: Ah, oh yeah, the Grand Summer Banquet

Alice: Just another common name again

Marisa: A grand shrine banquet held a Summer, the so-called  summer festival

Alice: could it be an annual custom of Hakurei shrine?

Marisa: Who knows ? It might be another random festival that Reimu suddenly thought…

Alice: well whatever, there you go, we promised before

Marisa: You really knitted one out of for me da ze! Gonna hurry up and shoot that doll with my super firework rocket launcher …

Alice: Well, I knew you would do that
Besides that, what’s …with that huge mess inside this room?

Marisa: It’s like this when I woke up this morning

Alice: What kind of excuse is that?
Anyway, take a broom…

Marisa: Alice? What’s the matter?

Alice: This doll…

Marisa: Oh, is that yours also?

Alice: No

Marisa: No? Well who made them? There’s a lot of them!

Alice: A lot?
made them before….)

Marisa: Are you feeling hot?

Alice: Not…really…I think

Aya: I’m back

Marisa: What’s happening?!
Oh, Aya, It’s you….

Aya: Please hurry up Marisa-san!!!
Seems that someone stole away Hakurei Shrine’s donation box! And yes, your hat!

Alice: (…Uhm, what happened…? )

Aya: You must return there within 5 seconds! Wait, 5 seconds will be gone if I’m saying that.

Marisa: Wait, what are you talking about da ze?

Aya: Alright! Hurry up! Be quick! Gonna run! Marisa-san

Alice: (Somehow… It’s not the same like before…)

Marisa: W-wait, wait, wait, wait,….

Alice: (Like before…?
What’s that… before…? )

Scarlet Devil Mansion

Alice: That’s weird…
Where did Marisa and the others …gone to…?

Marisa: What’s the connection between this book and the incident?

Patchy: This book is my diary, and my observed records of celestial bodies in the past

Marisa: Observed records?

Patchy: Yes, it has clues of the incident
Since you’re the one who found it, I hope you can take a look of it, only for you, Marisa.

I can’t see the stars tonight…
I wonder if tomorrow’s a sunny day?

Sakuya: Today’s weather seems nice~

Patchy: Indeed, seems like yesterday isn’t raining at all.

Remi: Sakuya~!

Sakuya: Yes!

Remi: This black tea somehow tastes bland…

Sakuya: I’m sorry, that’s because…

Remi: The tea leaves vanished?

Sakuya: Yes, but I just brought this yesterday…

Remi: That’s weird.

Patchy: Going out?

Sakuya: Tonight, to the Hakurei Shrine

Patchy: For the Great Summer Banquet…?

Sakuya: Did I told you about the banquet, Patchouli-sama?

Patchy: Eh?! I never heard it from you…
I wonder why… I just know that magically …

Sakuya: Is that so…?

Remi: Sakuya!

Sakuya: Yes! I’m coming!
We’re leaving

Patchy: What’s going on?
Today’s coordinations points to the future… There’s a small time difference between the observation results and the real time…

The day today isn’t today…
Is this even…possible?

Sakuya: Today’s weather seems nice~

Remi: Really? Yesterday isn’t raining according to what I see

Sakuya: I’m sorry, Patchouli-sama…
Actually, the black tea leaves…
Are gone along with the food supplies…

Remi: Sakuya, is there really no more iced cocoa?

Sakuya: There isn’t, what about something other than iced cocoa…Oh yeah, how about some milkshake?

Remi: Best if it’s topped with ice cream and a cherry!

Sakuya: The tea leaves are decreasing since we’re consuming it everyday

Patchy: Sakuya, I thought that you’re already realize something…

Sakuya: I didn’t realize it until you told me that just now

Patchy: That’s strange, is there a reason why that person must do such?

Sakuya: Can’t imagine that’s just a simple prank pulled out by fairies

Patchy: Yeah, morever, it’s seems like a compicated trick to pull out

Sakuya: So let’s be wary of suspicious people
Who will that be? Alright! I’m coming!
Alright! I’m on my way!

Patchy:  (There’re way too much things that are unsure)

What happened?!
Are you alright?!


Sakuya: Patchouli-sama?

Patchy:  Sakuya?!

Sakuya: What happened?

Patchy:  What’s happening…? But just now…someone cam and suddenly…

Sakuya:  Somebody?
Starting from a while ago…
There’s shouldn’t be anymore other than Patchouli-sama and I, right?

Oh my! No good! Time’s up now!
Because, today is…
The day of Hakurei Shrine’s, Grand Summer Banquet!

Patchy:  We’ve been repeating a day called ‘today’…
And the events we originally feel uncomfortable are also been altered into the way how we hoped it to be…
The main culprit of this incident doesn’t want Marisa to find out this book…
However, there might be unexpected things happening…

Marisa: But this means that, no one ever realized this incident even until now?

Patchy:  It may became into such

Marisa:  No way! That’s

Alice: (As I thought, this isn’t an illusion after all…)
Ma-Mari-! Sa…

Remi: The door key is there! Okay! No intruders!
Even though Sakuya’s gone, everything’s still perfect!

Patchy:  Remi…
Have you seen Marisa at anywhere?
I see… That’s troublesome…
Wait, here’s Sakuya and Reimu?

Remi: They are searching for the donation box

Patchy: What about Remi?

Sakuya: There’s a task that’s only avalable for the noble charismatic vampire ancestry, may you please do that for me?

Remi: What’s that?

Sakuya: Home security!

Remi: Ohh! It sounds like it’s something cool!

Remi: And now, I’m working on something important~!

Well, Patchy…
In the end, it’s cancelled after all, today’s banquet…

Patchy: Yeah, Reimu isn’t in the shrine…
The banquet will be cancel…led…

Sakuya: No good! Time’s up now!
Because, today is…
The day of Hakurei Shrine’s, Grand Summer Banquet!

Patchy: (That’s strange…
If we’re really repeating this day over and over…The banquet must be held…
Every day is a sunny day, the best day for a Summer Festival…

Remi: It’s going to rain soon…

Patchy: (Even the flow of events has changed)

Remi: Oh, I wonder who it is

Patchy: Don’t
Don’t go…outside…

Reimu: Well, why are you following me?

Sakuya: It’s the misstress’s idea, besides there’s nothing I can get from you by searching your poor shrine’s donation box.

Reimu: Don’t say ‘poor’

Aya: With that much proof…

Reimu: After all, blame Aya for saying that the Scarlet Devil Mansion is being suspicious…

Sakuya: Spell Card! Illusional World…’The World’!
Next is … Illusion “Luna Clock” !

Well, this black stuff is surely agile, if I’ve brought the trash can, I won’t need to do unnecessary cleaning

Reimu: Aya?

Aya: Hey…I’m not a bug…I’m a crow tengu…

Sakuya: Now, please tell us everything you know, pig!

Aya: Eh?! About what?! And I’m not pig, I’m Shameimaru…

Sakuya: Stop lying!

Aya: I really don’t know what’s happening!
Ah…Ouch! It hurts! Stop that!

Reimu: (A picture…?)

Sakuya: There’s no escape for you!

Aya: It’s tight! So tight!!!

Reimu: Aya, this picture…

Aya: Which picture… You’re talking about?
S-Stop that!!! If this goes on…

Sakuya: Hey-! Reimu..?!
What on earth happened…?

Marisa: This is…The Hakurei Shrine…right?
Ah? Isn’t the banquet cancelled?

What’s ..that…?
Is this…The banquet…?

Reimu: Ugh…Hold on right there…

Marisa: Reimu…

Reimu: Who’s going to tidy up this mess?

Marisa: What happened…to your donation box?

Reimu: Marisa…why we’re holding a banquet today…? Do you remember…?

Marisa: For what?

Reimu: Because today is a sunny day, or we want to drink sake or whatever reason that is…

I can’t even remember…things like such…

Alice: Uhm? What am I …doing…?
Oh yeah…the banquet…right?

Reimu: Alright…I wonder how much change she will give to me…?

Gonna… Ask her that…

Next episode…the last episode…

I’m Cirno! I’m the Strogest! 17’s the Strongest! The Strongest Idiot!

So, isn’t that interesting?
Oh yes, it’s possible that the next one is the last episode~!


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