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Keep in mind, those translations isn’t the best, because I’m just amateur translator ^^. (still learning English and Japanese)
I hope my translations may help you somehow.
Feel free to leave your opinion if you see error(s) somewhere.

架ける誓いのトラベリング || Travelling Bridging Oath

架ける誓いのトラベリング || Kakeru Chikai no Travelling

Travelling Bridging Oath.
Du hành kết nối câu thề ước. 

Album:架ける誓いのトラベリング【Official Site】
Circle: Yuuhei Satelite 「幽閉サテライト」

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壊れた運命を紡いで || Weaving Broken Fate

壊れた運命を紡いで || Kowareta Unmei o Tsumuide

Weaving Broken Fate
Dệt lại số mệnh đã vỡ nát

Album:壊れた運命を紡いで(Weaving Broken Fate)【Official Site
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite 「幽閉サテライト」

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鳥籠の姫君 || Princess of the Birdcage

鳥籠の姫君 || Torikago no Himegimi

Princess of the Birdcage
Nàng công chúa trong chiếc lồng chim.

Album:Cafe de Luciole~カフェ・ド・ルシオール~【Official Site

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中道歩行 || Walking in Middle Road

c87_nouzui_jake中道歩行 || Chuudou Hokou

Walking in Middle Road
Trung Đạo Bộ Hành (Bước đi giữa con đường) 

Album:疑似家族入門 (Pseudo Family Introduction )【Official Site】
Circle: BUTAOTOME 「豚乙女」
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