Songs I’ll translate

Những bài hát mình sẽ dịch Tiếng Việt trong thời gian tới.

Diao Ye Zong

マッドパーティー ~ A Magusnificent Plan / Translation

マッドパーティー / Translation

もっともおそろしいものについて (Motto mo Osoroshii Mono ni Tsuite) / Translation


Kimino Museum

恋した神々の唄 (Koishita Kamigami no Uta) / Translation

Silver Forest 

Sadistic Love

ココロノシグナル (Kokoro no Signal, Signal of heart)


卒業 ~Marisa’s Graduation
 / Translation
サードアイや (Third Eyer!!) / Translation 

I need lyris of these songs:

Please comment in any post (or contact page) if you find it anywhere, thank you 😀

innocent mind (little white snow/Arr.海老スパ/Vo.まい)
ココロノシグナル (Kokoro no Signal, Signal of heart) – SYNC.ART’S
未来への旅路  – Yonder Voice


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