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架ける誓いのトラベリング || Travelling Bridging Oath

架ける誓いのトラベリング || Kakeru Chikai no Travelling

Travelling Bridging Oath.
Du hành kết nối câu thề ước. 

Album:架ける誓いのトラベリング【Official Site】
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite 「幽閉サテライト」

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御伽噺のカラクリは、|| The Mechanisms of Fairytales

御伽噺のカラクリは、|| Otogibanashi no Karakuri wa,

The Mechanisms of Fairytales
Cơ giới của Thần Tiên Truyện

Album:御伽噺のカラクリは、(The Mechanisms of Fairytales)
Circle:Yuuhei Satellite 「幽閉サテライト」【Official site】

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