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children’s game

children’s game

Trò chơi của bọn trẻ

Album:children’s game【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-Bansho 「森羅万象」
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コノ葉隠レ || Hidden Among These Leaves

コノ葉隠レコノ葉隠レ || Kono Hagakure

Hidden Among These Leaves
Ẩn dưới những tán lá ấy.

Circle:Yuuhei Satellite 「幽閉サテライト」【Official site
Album:コノ葉隠レ(Hidden Among These Leaves)

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今宵インデックス || This Evening’s Index

今宵インデックス今宵インデックス || Koyoi IndekkusuIndex

This Evening’s Index
Đề mục đêm nay. 

Album: 今宵インデックス(This Evening’s Index)【Official Site】
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite 「幽閉サテライト」

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さかさまレジスタンス || The Inverted Resistance

さかさまレジスタンス || Sakasama RejisutansuResistance

The Inverted Resistance
Kháng cự nghịch đảo.

Circle: Shinra-Bansho 「森羅万象」
Album:悪戯センセーション( Mischievous Sensation) 【Official Site】
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